Monday, November 24, 2008

Incubating Youth Metamorphosis

The American Prospect recently ran an article about tapping into Obama's Youth Movement. It was a series of 2-3 paragraph snippets by different political type people.

I'd like to share my own response on the issue. Naturally I'm probably going to come across as a bit bitchy because I don't think it is Obama that got me involved in this election. Mostly, it was me that got me involved in the election. So, here's what I have to say:

Liken the present, and all the problems that the present day entails to a grain of sand. Now imagine that grain of sand at the edge of the Ocean. That Ocean is the future. The future cannot be integrated into the present - rather the present is always steadily drifting into the future.

Similarly, it is not the youth movement that needs to be absorbed into the greater sphere of democratic or liberal politics. Rather, it is the connections, the resources, the wisdom, and the experience of older Americans that should be absorbed into the youth movement. Young leadership is the way of the future. Supporting young leaders in positions of creative independence ensures that the convictions they currently hold will develop into a rich and enchanting ideology, capable of guiding us in the future. Current leaders should focus on their legacy. That is - after all - the mark of greatness...

One thing I admired about Obama's campaign were his efforts to make politics fun. Although much of it was transparent marketing - such as the flurry of emails with donate links - some of it was mildly revolutionary. Obama had a feature where people could organize parties to watch debates or speeches he was giving on television. This is a wonderful tool but it need not be limited to television, and it is more than just another way to entice volunteering, voting, and donations. It need not be constrained to a small aspect of the campaign.

Instead of scrounging for donations, the Democrats of the future should boldly offer services for every dollar given. Dollars and volunteering should aggregate together. Memberships should put holders into social groups that are organized by level of involvement, by geographic region, and by interest. Even so, the Democratic party should boldly reach out to those who disagree, and stress the power of reason by disavowing all clannish mentalities. Limited edition and special gifts should be readily available and marketed. Every single event or issue can have its own mascot drawn by local artists and feature local performances, creating a rich and interesting current history. Rather than being dependent on advertising content and the media, Democrats should be hosting advertising, earning referral bonuses, and generating press. A transformation of social mores must begin, where we once again invite strangers into our homes, where we don't judge people by how they vote (excluding elected officials of course), and where each and every member is a free and equal part of the party as a whole.

Democrats should work to get all people of a liberal persuasion networking. There are so many lonely, politically minded, young men and women out there who would willingly dedicate themselves to political causes just for the chance to meet people. Party leaders should create free lectures, roundtable discussions, content-oriented contests, small scholarships and anything else that can bring young people together to make friends. This strategy is a patient one, in line with Obama's managerial philosophy. If implemented, such an approach will build untold party loyalty and create a new generation of sterling political leaders.

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