Monday, November 3, 2008

Political Campaign is coming to an end

Well, I've worked hard for the past two months for the Matthews Campaign. Greg is such a great guy. I expect him to win. As my campaign strategist said "He's a great fucking candidate". It is all coming down to the results tomorrow night. I'll be down at the convention center in Portland, watching results roll in.

Of course, the results for Oregon House District 50 are petty compared to the epic clash between Obama and McCain. I'll be holding my breath for that one. Even though all the polls say it is an easy win for Obama at this point, I just can't believe it. I'll have to see him being sworn in before I'll believe that the Bush nightmare is truly in the past.

The challenges that the next generation of leaders face will be dire. I don't have faith that the base for democrats will produce enough of the change that we need if we just leave the forces within it to themselves, to stew. There is a kind of leadership, that I hope will be plentiful during the next four years, where men of vision brush away old ideology. In the space that these leaders would so carefully clear, the new generation grows, bathed in the participatory power it needs. Such intergenerationalism ensures that democracy can flourish. Furthermore, if we are too conformist, if we have too little variety in friends, too few sources of information, we will always be susceptible to corrupt leadership. Greed on the part of our leaders ought never again be tolerated. I will not stand for it. Those among us who are ignorant, wrong, foolish, providential, or petty cannot be allowed to shape our discourse. We must have leaders that stand tall and pure, casting aside conventional wisdom and leaving our ears buzzing with talk of solutions. It will be the most necessary of all tasks.

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